performances during ovulation for women. These are the women should be aware, so that they can deal with their own physical and emotional.

The strongest sexual desire
Because of this is the sexiest week in a month for woman. For mature women, she wants to have sex more than usual time. The reason is that enough sex hormones in vivo. According to the U.S. “love and lust,” a book, most sex hormones can stimulate sexual desire, when a woman reaches the highest natural fertility, she feels most sexy and could increase the chance of conception, so women should pay attention to contraception.

More fickle in love
In the menstrual cycle and ovulation days before ovulation, woman will be interest in other men than original partner. During this time, if she encountered more attractive male than husband or boyfriend, she may cheat partner and find another new love.

The most creative
At this period, you could do some creative activity, because of your brain are most active. U.S. scientists thought that: with estrogen levels rise, people’s cognitive ability become high. If your cycle is 28 days, then your brain is best to use the first 12 days to 14 days, short-term memory is also the strongest. If you can arrange the important meetings and negotiations during this time, your reaction is faster than usual and works more efficiently.

Higher tone higher
Apart from the above mentioned changes in morphology and taste, research shows that women close to ovulation, the sound becomes sharp. Before ovulation and during ovulation, women’s pitch could reach the highest. Currently, experts are trying to explore whether the tone becomes more attractive to male.

Recommendations to ovulation women
The researchers who have participated in the study say: She hoped that these studies will help women to understand their feelings and recognize that when they feel they are interested in the other men than their partner, it is likely to do a biological characteristic “prank” and their husband or boyfriend will be noticeable. At this time women must not indulge their desires, it is best to ask them, “I want to make this desire to govern my life?”


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